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Highly Experienced Software Consultant

Software consultant with over 30 years experience in the IT and Communications industry.

App Development

We recommend the hybrid app platform. The majority of App applications can be developed on a Hybrid Platform. The advantage of this is it's easier and quicker to develop than a pure native application because it can be developed once and deployed to both iOS and Android.

Back End Systems Development

Pretty much every mobile app doing anything useful requires a Back End system to support it. We recommend a Cloud based platform for your Back End. We provide a complete turn-key cloud image to run your application.

DevOps, Maintenance and Ongoing Support

If you are an ambitious entrepreneurial company, you will want to add features and alter functionality quickly in-response to customer feedback. To do that you'll need a robust DevOps system to support these developments. We provide a fully managed DevOps pipeline to keep up with your business requirements.


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